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Company employees voluntary labor organizations, to strengthen team spirit

Source:Group office Number of visits: Date:2015-07-17

June 15, 2015, the company held voluntary labor, party secretary at the company, group vice president Huang He's organizations, CEREALS vice president, Li Guohong, deputy chief and other more than 70 cadres, workers completed the voluntary labor ʱ??


Group voluntary labor organizations aimed at enhancing the company's team spirit, improve morale and enhance employees' sense of ownership and responsibility, but also enhance the exchange and communication between employees. The work carried out at Siu Lun Villa, part of Villa backyard weeds removed, covered with new grass. Coincided with the summer, the scorching sun, everyone is sweating, and even lesbians also refused to yield. In Huang's leadership, bang until two in the afternoon lawn all Puwan before eating lunch. The whole event a success, achieved its purpose, among employees enhanced mutual understanding, good spirit, enhance the company's feelings, etc. Some labor picture is as follows:


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