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Liaoning Jinchang Group employees' children Jinbangtiming forum

Number of visits: Date:2014-09-09

September 6 afternoon, the company employees' children have passed the examination held in 2014 symposium was chaired by deputy party secretary Kim Joo-Hill Group. Group party secretary Huang, deputy general manager CEREALS, Communist Youth League secretary Wang Chunmei, office director Wang Yan, Wang supplies core minister attended the meeting, for students who expressed heartfelt congratulations and ardent hope.

Guohuai Jiang and Song Yong as a parent on behalf of his speech, the two employees were working in Jinchang years old comrades, Guohuai Jiang started working in Jinchang. He said he was very relieved Jinchang work, work security, his son admitted to the university, to enjoy such treatment themselves in front of the children feel proud, proud to own such a good business. Song Yong also said that in the future work to be more hard work, Jinchang return for their concern and love.


Father of two words plain, but goes to the heart of all Jinchang workers.

After listening to students and parents on the representative, Huang He Shuji made an important speech, and conveyed the blessing of the chairman of students and parents, to congratulate students who harvest their dreams, thank parents taught sterile tree.


Huang in the forum to pay labor to you and express respect and gratitude of parents, students pass the examination to you my sincere congratulations. He said the company adhere to human love, for workers and good things, and do practical things, very concerned about the situation of workers and their families, with particular attention the growth and development of employees' children. Students who want to focus on business development, understanding parents' hardships. If you have trouble in the future their children to school in the process of timely response to the Party and the trade unions, the company will give and help and support. And students who are ardent expectations: students who want to cherish the time at university, study hard, do not live up to the expectations of parents, admitted to college efforts Upgraded, admitted for undergraduate study section, not the status quo, would like a higher level Work hard.

Issuing grants Jinchang tradition. Children of employees received the award studies, show that the company for working families care, reflects the people-oriented corporate culture. Children grow up with their own hard work engrossed correlated with parents hard work inseparable. Children should be grateful parents, inheriting the fine tradition of their parents, but also concerned about the development of enterprises, transfer Cheng Jinchang culture. Parents should by precept and example, continue to do their job, do their children a model.


Near the end of the forum, Jin Shuji also made a speech, he said, into the university, is another starting point of your life, you would like to carry forward the spirit of Comrade Lei Feng nails, hardworking, persistent pursuit of the spirit, proactive, rather difficult to know into the tackle tough, scaled new heights. Finally, I hope you remember that learning is endless, life-long learning. May you get experience in university life and learn something new heights.


Sea the moon, The end of the world. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, I wish all of you in this leading, comrades, classmates and your family happiness, fun!


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